Journalists Can Change the World, (if they want to)!

Journalists could, if they chose to, turn the entire election cycle on its head by giving focus to an unknown with brilliant ideas instead of celebrities with no ideas.

Imagine front page stories about the new-found diamond in the rough who could end all US conflicts? How the people in this nation would like to be introduced to someone who would be more than the status quo! Imagine TV interviews discussing how unemployment could be ended in 1 year with the Federal Government only providing a coordination role! Imagine ideas for health care, far better than Obamacare, that while reducing taxes could still be free in 2-4 years, easily. Imagine the US being a debt free nation in 6 months to a year and every city and town in America thriving rather than facing bankruptcy!

Instead the reports are all different versions of the same jockying by status quo celebrity politicians who have nothing but name recognition to bring to the table. Sure they’ve won elections, but what else? Everyone knows these people, but no one can list a problem they’ve truly solved. There are no stories about any breakthrough strategies or approaches presented by these star-labeled candidates, but they’re treated as if they’re gold or they’re going to be our saviors.

Stories are out there going into the details of every move, every trip, every speech, every hiccup these candidates make. Meanwhile the not-so-rich-or-even-poor candidate that DOES have the breakthrough strategy, solution, or approach can’t even get his or her message known across town for lack of the money required to gain access to notariety.

We live in a nation of 300 million people but only a few thousand, if that, are asked for their ideas. We wait for candidates wealthy enough to buy their way into a political campaign path, instead of seaking and recruiting and building up the types of candidates we all know we really would like to have.

Journalists around the nation have the power to transform this nation, and catapult this nation back into the beautiful, free, innovative, leader and producer American Dream nation that it once was but why aren’t they? It’s time for these wonderfully creative and insightful and curious people to take their proper role back in this world and show people what’s really happening and what’s really possible.

Come on, Journalists! You can do it!

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