A Silver Lining in the Rioting?

By Scott Keller, founder of End the Debt, Inc.

HOUSTON, TX — Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in March 1968, weeks before he was assassinated, said, “it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard.”

I would add, “and the oppressed,” for as I look around the nation at the cities and towns struggling, at the people without homes, without work, without real hope though it was promised, I see tremendous potential being thrown out the window. The Baltimore riots are just the latest symptom of a problem that if left to fester will only produce more of the same.

But could, in all of the chaos and pain and destruction, with the help of MLK’s insightful words, be an answer?  A silver lining?  The key to solving it all?

The way I see it, we have two basic choices (and a variety of flavors of those choices). Those two choices are to try to deal with the symptoms or deal with the roots of the problem. We can, as has been the case so far, face violence with more force. Those in charge can continue to essentially ignore, whether by choice or by lack of awareness of anything else they CAN do, the pleas and cries of those who have been dis-empowered for decades. Or they can turn down a new path and empower these people with seldom used tools that are and have been available for centuries which can GIVE them back their voice, along with control of their own futures and destinies!

This round of violence in Baltimore will be quelled I’m sure, and there may be a period following that seems peaceful. But we know that the problems still exist and are not being addressed. The killing of Freddie Gray, while tragic and senseless and confounding, was and is just a catalyst for a fire that was already burning and will continue to burn until the root cause of it is resolved.

The people of these poor communities, especially those of color, are grasping at straws, desperate for an escape route from their hell-like lifestyles and they are now lashing out at any target they think they can identify. The American Dream has long since vanished for most of them. Poor education, poor economic factors, poor outlook, poor role models added to poor influences from TV, radio, music, and their so-called “leaders” create no other possible outcome than desperation and hopelessness and a feeling of not being heard.

But there ARE answers. There ARE paths, non federal government paths, to a better future, with the right mindset coupled with the right tools, and the right solidarity and co-operation within the communities and cities around the nation. Education can become phenomenal for them. Daily life can become a delight, full of successes, hope, progress, and a visible destination that’s even better. All of the factors that can be considered as necessary for a happy and fulfilling life can be attained and I know what they are and so do many others. Unfortunately those in charge apparently don’t know or don’t want to admit that they know. I’d like to give these “leaders” the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t rest with assumptions.

These people don’t need government handouts, nor do they need some big corporation to save them. They need economic and social tools that will help them catapult themselves to their fullest potential. They also need to believe in themselves.

What kinds of tools could help them? A local currency, run by the local government can help tremendously. I often refer to Worgl as an example as they accomplished tremendous things there with such an approach. In this day and age we have technology that can make it easier and better, so there’s no excuse to not consider such a thing as an option to empower the people there, locally, to rise up to their fullest potential. Of course I have to plug my mission here at End the Debt which is to return to a usury free, private bank free, sovereign currency which also leads towards a more inclusive an prosperous future for all.

Another tool: co-ops. Local co-ops can accomplish large or small projects from building a new school to establishing a new education system from scratch.

Poor communities are not powerless to peacefully change their situation, but there’s no one stepping up to show them the power they truly have. Here’s a first step. Who will join me?

Journalists Can Change the World, (if they want to)!

Journalists could, if they chose to, turn the entire election cycle on its head by giving focus to an unknown with brilliant ideas instead of celebrities with no ideas.

Imagine front page stories about the new-found diamond in the rough who could end all US conflicts? How the people in this nation would like to be introduced to someone who would be more than the status quo! Imagine TV interviews discussing how unemployment could be ended in 1 year with the Federal Government only providing a coordination role! Imagine ideas for health care, far better than Obamacare, that while reducing taxes could still be free in 2-4 years, easily. Imagine the US being a debt free nation in 6 months to a year and every city and town in America thriving rather than facing bankruptcy!

Instead the reports are all different versions of the same jockying by status quo celebrity politicians who have nothing but name recognition to bring to the table. Sure they’ve won elections, but what else? Everyone knows these people, but no one can list a problem they’ve truly solved. There are no stories about any breakthrough strategies or approaches presented by these star-labeled candidates, but they’re treated as if they’re gold or they’re going to be our saviors.

Stories are out there going into the details of every move, every trip, every speech, every hiccup these candidates make. Meanwhile the not-so-rich-or-even-poor candidate that DOES have the breakthrough strategy, solution, or approach can’t even get his or her message known across town for lack of the money required to gain access to notariety.

We live in a nation of 300 million people but only a few thousand, if that, are asked for their ideas. We wait for candidates wealthy enough to buy their way into a political campaign path, instead of seaking and recruiting and building up the types of candidates we all know we really would like to have.

Journalists around the nation have the power to transform this nation, and catapult this nation back into the beautiful, free, innovative, leader and producer American Dream nation that it once was but why aren’t they? It’s time for these wonderfully creative and insightful and curious people to take their proper role back in this world and show people what’s really happening and what’s really possible.

Come on, Journalists! You can do it!

Politics, Economics, and Anti Status Quo.

HOUSTON, TX – by Scott Keller:

Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and the rest of the field are doing a great job of pointing out the other side’s role in the $18+ trillion national debt, but none of them demonstrates an understanding of what the national debt is and why we have one.

On my website, http://www.endthedebt.org, I show that neither taxes, nor spending are the cause of the debt, nor is the lack of gold backing.

The cause of the national debt, is the cause of every national economic problem and has removed the very sovereignty of the United States of America. The American currency, the US Dollar, otherwise known as the Federal Reserve Note, does not belong to the United States. It is barely even influenced by the United States.

But this is the reason for the shrinking of the middle class. This is the reason for the United States having ANY national debt. And this is the reason why Americans are working harder for less compared to decades gone by.

The cause of the national debt, and thus the key to solving it, is that rather than Congress creating or “coining” the nation’s currency, private banks create it in the form of loans to us. In other words, every dollar in circulation is a dollar of debt plus interest to a private bank.

The government, being “unable” to create the currency and spend it into circulation, then has to instead borrow, (i.e. sell bonds) from the already circulating river of debt called the US money supply, thus creating a 2nd layer of debt. This is simply insanity.

So you see, no matter how much we’re taxed and how low our spending, the national debt will continue, and so will all of our economic problems.

But the answer is simple and we can quickly neutralize and end the entire $18 trillion in less than a year. In fact it can be done with a single vote from national and local policy makers. Return to a sovereign currency. Replace Federal Reserve Note dollars, with United States Note dollars and return the Federal Reserve Notes to the Federal Reserve, thus separating the fate of America from the hands of the private banks and putting it back into the hands of we the people.

Ending the debt happens at the national level, but neutralizing it can happen city by city, town by town, and community by community.

We can quickly neutralize the national debt, and eliminate all local and personal debts by using local economic tools and strategies, such as a city run local supplementary currency which will allow any city or town to bring all debts local, out of the hands of the banks. Once local, the debts can be worked off quickly.

These same tools and strategies can bring, city by city, and town by town, an end to poverty, lack, poor health care, poor education, and late retirement along with solving less obvious issues such as traffic jams.

Even immigration can easily be solved with this duo of sovereign national and local currencies.

Whenever you have opportunity, ask all candidates why any sovereign nation, including the US, would be even $1 in debt and why we’d let the nation’s private banks create the nation’s money supply.