What really makes a nation wealthy?

Is a country’s wealth REALLY determined by what they produce? What is wealth? I don’t want to get too far away from the end the debt focus, but a sub-topic of money is what is the purpose of money, and one of the main purposes of the US dollar is to enable internal trade, not international. How can the nation measure its wealth? By the number of millionaires or billionaires? By how many widgets are sold? Or could it be better measured by things like education level, baseline lifestyle, shorter workdays, actual progress towards some achievable goal like space travel, or something along these lines which can thrive if the means of trade is appropriate? People work 40, 50, 60+ hours per week from the day they’re 21 or sooner to do what? What is truly being accomplished? Most of the big problems of the nation have only gotten worse over the decades – poverty, health, retirement age, division…

We’ve been on and off the gold standard, with little to no difference. What remains unchanged for over a century is who controls (and owns) the currency – a private bank called the Federal Reserve and the public has grown blind to it. Americans even go so far as to protect the system that is driving them into the ground. I did so myself for a time, but then I had reality hit me in the face hard.

Jobs leaving America, and shifting to a service economy are symptoms not of a departure from a gold standard, but of a departure from a sovereign currency, a departure from local economies, a departure from sanity in some ways. And “jobs” are not really what people need – busywork created out of an imposed need to chase the dollar bill rather than real work for the accomplishment of a purpose. Meaningful, purposeful work in balance with education, family life, community involvement, leisure time, etc, is I think better. Jobs are going overseas because of a shift from local businesses to mega-corporations which is being driven by the monetary system and the debt-based, non-sovereign, usury laden money that serves as its blood supply. Automation would be much more welcomed if people didn’t have to scurry around like rats looking for new work when their positions get automated.

We’re capable of far better than the system of systems we have accepted as “the only choice”. And we should not be laying down, accepting a debt that can easily be solved. The root cause of the debt is also the root cause of many other issues. We must eliminate it.


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